BreyerWest Open Name Fun!

BreyerWest Open was fantastic, thank you all for coming and making it such a memorable incredible day! I picked my favorite name from everybody’s horse list, and if that horse won a Championship, I gave an extra prize from me. I’ve had a bunch of questions about what my favorite name on everybody’s list was, so I thought I’d share a list here! Without further delay, here is a testament to the creativity of all our entrants!

Sandy Lyles-Sanderson – Popcorn Fart
Jennifer Colwell – Sneaky Pete
Amy McCudden – Shannondell’d
Victoria Wade – From Russia With Love
Betsy Valley – Spartacus
Diana Patterson – The Tsirene
Denise Hauck-Doyle – Made You Look
Kim Geelan – CS WEGsquiste!
Meredith Conrad – Samsquanch
Michelle Hansen – Nibley
Cheryl Wood – CCR Civility
Shirra Veillard – Dunna Voiceover
Heather Visser – Spanish Treachery
Shannon Drapeau – Thor
Tarin Herron – PDX Fussin and Cussin
Sandra Gibson – The Wench
Tonia Ruebsamen – Sunday Morning Hangover
Melinda Blegen – In Overdrive
Jeannie Jacobson – Thomas
Shana Bobbitt – Cheese Babies & A Hot Boy
Stacy Quick – Silver Surfer
Debbie Buettgenbach – High Hopes
Melanie Miller – Hodor
Robert Flock – Skeeter
Linda Mazza – It Only Takes One
Rachel Sabatka – Satisfaction Guaranteed
Kristina Ledbetter – I Have No Spicy News For You
Wendy Ward – Voodoo Medicine Man
Megan Cadwell – New Guy
Melissa Lauritzen – Hammeroid (Who won a champ!)
Susan Carey – RS Thyme of Life
Amy Porter – TH Zack Attack
Laura Skillern – Sham-ed on Facebook
Dayle Steinke – Space Pants
Samantha Farrell – The Black Tower
Allie Davidson – Fire At Will
Leah Koerper – RoboClop (Who won a champ!)
Melissa Shaw – Valar Morghulis
Shelly Langley – SLS Wicked Wang Doodle
Anna Blackburn – Glitter Toes
Amy Marie Hein – Not For Sale
Kelley Marie Young – Today’s Studmuffin
Suzanne Glass – Small Town Throw Down
Lia Stewart – Greeny
Tina Benson – LRP Fly Me To The Moon
Barrie Getz – Conspiracy Theory
Beth Stewart – Quincy
Denise Doyle – I Streak for Money
Berit Andersen – Panic Attack
Johannah Harris-Spencer – Svelt Sven
Kylee Parks – TNR Guiness Gracious
Ruth Sheridan – Rochambeau
Kathy Thompson – Just A Beauty Queen
Dawne Clayton – Faustina
Mary Reardon – Read Em And Weep
Teri Walsh – Taghrid
Bethany Shaw – Shimmer Like A Dude
Lauren Wilke – Flanders
Bobbie Allen – Whatdoesthespotsay
Jackie Arns-Rossi – Reedus
Jackie Hasser – Hot Coco Chanel
Logan Shortridge – Slattern

Thank you all for the smiles! Clearly, if a name is slightly off color, a pun, or both – it’s my favorite. Cheers!



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