Western Performance Clarification

Hello all!

I have had a few questions about where specific events go in the Western section. The classlist is below:

PRF608 – Stock Work/Roping
PRF609 – Western Games
PRF610 – Reining/Western Riding
PRF611 – Western Trail
PRF612 – Western Pleasure
PRF613 – Other Western

We are going to consider class PRF610, Reining/Western Riding, as more of a “Western Pattern Work” class, and it will be re-named for next year. So this year, if you have a Ranch Horse Pleasure entry with pattern work, it should go in 610, as well as Western Dressage or any other western work with a pattern.

Ranch Horse Pleasure that is only rail work would still go into Western Pleasure.

If you have any specific questions, please email or message me on Facebook! 🙂



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