Entrant IDs, Horse Lists, Collectas, & More

I’m getting several repeating questions, so I thought I would post a FAQ blog to help everybody.

Entrant IDs:
If you do not have a Region 1 Exhibitor Number, please follow the instructions on the top half of the tagging document to get one. That document can be found HERE, and also on the sidebar of this blog. Every entrant should have received this document via email a couple weeks ago, as well. If you have further questions, please email me.

Horse Lists:
Horse lists are due on March 11th, which is coming right up! Please send those in ASAP.

The google document located HERE shows a list of every entrant, and if I have gotten an entry number or a horse list from them. Please check the list to see your status.

Collecta Horses:
As most of you probably know, Breyer purchased the Collecta rubber horse line! This is exciting news, and means that Collectas are now Breyers. For BreyerWest 2017 though, Collecta models are not permitted to show. The acquisition was too close to our show to be able to thoughtfully include them in our classlists. Next year!

Where Does Breed X Show?
The master breed list is on the Breyer site, HERE. Please email me if you have ‘where should this show’ questions that are not answered therein.

Thank you all! See you in a couple weeks!!


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